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  Equipe Scorchers

This team lives and breathes rock and roll! Loud and aggressive, they hurtle down the highway at full force, knocking rivals aside. But where they really burn rubber is on the slopes and summits of towering mountains. In fact, they're at their best when thundering across active volcanos, their reinforced tires plowing through white hot lava!

The laser bright center of the Scorchers™ is team leader

 Taro Kitano™, whose cool, calculating demeanor is set

 to tackle anything that gets in his team's way.


  Carro 29 - Líder


  ´70 Road Runner

    Taro Kitano




Taro Kitano™ is a racecar driver who has already won several international competitions, and whose samurai code of ethics gives him all he needs to excel. When offered the chance to lead the Scorchers™ team in the World Race™, Taro took one look at the ’70 Road Runner, and the choice was easy. Taro's cool, aloof demeanor may give him incredible focus, but it also isolates him.

Personality: Strong and silent. He is not one for frivolous comments or banter. Although he is an extremely fierce competitor, he is capable of surprises.

Although Taro Kitano™ seems to have it all, even before he is recruited to the World Race™, he is missing one thing. He’s failed to make any real connections with other people. And, though he’s a great leader, he has no friends.

  Carro 30


  1/4 Mille Coupe






Like his volcanic namesake, Vesuvius is always ready to explode! A professional racer who honed his skills in the mountainous regions of northern Italy, his sense of justice is only matched by his amazing skills behind the wheel of the 1/4 Mile Coupe™, one of the wildest cars on the Scorchers™ team.

Personality: A brooding, smoldering young man, he’s got a nasty temper, but it is only unleashed when he thinks someone has broken the rules or not played fair.

  Carro 31


  Red Baron

    Harrison Lau






Harrison is a native of Hong Kong, and is his country’s most professional and sought-after action movie stunt driver. He is reckless and willing to risk himself - and sometimes others - if it means, "getting the shot". That makes him a wild card that often plays to his team’s advantage, especially when Harrison’s Red Baron® racecar is in the pole position.

Personality: Cocky and bold, he’s also something of a wheeler-dealer.

  Carro 32


  ´57 T-Bird






Everest is a strapping, reliable Formula racecar driver who has always harbored a hidden passion for the great cars of the 1950s. When Scorchers™ team leader Taro Kitano™ showed up to offer him a crack at the ’57 Thunderbird (super-charged for the World Race™), how could he refuse?

Personality: Stoic and reliable, perhaps a little bit dangerous, he is much like the mountain that is his namesake.

  Carro 33


  Dodge Charger R/T

    Wayne Caspar





A Canadian stampede racer who runs a stunt motorcycle and car circuit outside of Calgary, Canada, Wayne Casper certainly has a colorful past. He used to be a real biker type, one of the best riders in his "gang." He also happens to be a tremendous auto mechanic, making him indispensable to the Scorchers™. Driving the Dodge Charger R/T in the World Race™ competition is a real dream come true for him.

Personality: Always one to figure out all of the angles, he is shrewd and rarely gets caught off-guard.

  Carro 34


  ´63 Corvette Split Window

    Jet Blaney





An All-American Phoenix boy who has been a lake-bed racer since he was a kid, Jet Blaney specializes in long distance straight-away racing on dried lake beds and rocky terrain in Arizona.

Personality: A good-time frat boy who doesn’t always think through his actions, when he’s lucky (which is often), he wins, but when he loses, it’s big-time!

  Carro 35


  Muscle Tone






A fearless volcano guide with a wicked sense of humor, Krakatoa has driven specially modified all-terrain vehicles over the roughest, most dangerous volcanic activity around the world.

Personality: A real fun boy, who plays as hard as he drives.




  Carro 01 - Zamac

  ´70 Road Runner



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