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Equipe Wave-Riders

Each of the Wave Rippers™ team's seven racecars is capable of operating on the surface of water, or even beneath the waves! Hailing from islands and beaches all over the world, these guys are all sleek lines, bold colors, sporty styles and dangerous curves.

Their driving style is reflective of the championship surfer and

 skater who leads them, Josef "Vert" Wheeler™.  By  working

 their cars like surfboards on a highway that often  seems more

 like the ocean at high  tide,  the  Wave  Rippers™  just  might

                                                               have found a way to cross the finish line first. 

  Carro 01 - Líder


  Deora II

   Josef "Vert" Wheeler



Vert is one of the finest all-around surfer-skaters in the world. Now he must prove himself on a racetrack that’s a lot like the tubes and half-pipes he’s always known. Does he have what it takes to lead the Wave Rippers™ team to victory in the incredible Deora® II? He’s betting his life on it!

Personality: Cool and easy. Fun-loving and self-centered, but his sense of justice and what’s right give him all the makings of a hero.

Vert’s driving style embodies everything that’s cool about playing with Hot Wheels® cars. He treats the Deora® II as if it is a skateboard or surfboard, which is exactly how the twisting, looping tracks of the World Race™ need to be driven. With Vert, auto racing is an extreme sport.

  Carro 02



    Alec "Hud" Wood





Tough, bold and loyal, Alec Wood is both a gymnast and expert flatboarder. He has surfed and skated up and down the California coast, often in competition with his best friend (and greatest rival) Vert Wheeler. Now he drives at Vert’s side as a member of the Wave Rippers™, pulling incredible stunts in his racecar Switchback.

Personality: Reckless, fiercely loyal to his friends.

  Carro 03



    Finn Serpa





Before the World Race™, Finn Serpa was a cliff surfer who used to hanglide off the rocky shores of Ireland. Now as a member of the Wave Rippers™ team, he must prove to team leader Vert-and more importantly to himself-that he can brave the perils of the World Race™!

Personality: A risk-taking adventurer, game to go anywhere and do anything.

  Carro 04


  Chevy Nomad

    Lani Tam





Lani Tam is a tomboy Hawaiian girl who has incredible mechanical skills and a sense of direction that more than makes up for her relative inexperience driving racecars.

Personality: Level-headed and wise, she provides a bit of a conscience for team leader Vert, especially when he gets ticked off.

  Carro 05


  Power Pipes

    Felix Sharkey





Felix Sharkey is a cool and totally laid-back Northwestern beach racer, adept at short surf sand/water driving, through the dunes and jagged rocks of the coastline from Washington to Northern California.

Personality: His slacker demeanor hides a streak of mischief.

  Carro 06


  Chrysler Thunderbolt






Fluke is one of the greatest ice racers in the world. Hailing from Greenland, his off-kilter perspective and friendly demeanor makes him fun to be around, but hard to race against-especially if the ground is frozen!

Personality: His muscular frame belies a sweet demeanor and dry sense of humor that slips by most of his fellow racers.

  Carro 07


  Corvette Stingray

    Mark Wilde




When it comes to scrappy urban 'tude, Markie Wylde is the genuine article. He's got a New York accent, and everything he says comes out loud and clear. His hero is Vert, and when he deals with his brother Kurt Wylde™ (whom he used to idolize), we feel the pain of his rejection. He really just wants to be accepted.

Personality: He's joyfully obnoxious, which means that he never comes across as nasty. He is comic relief, but never stops to laugh at his own jokes or behavior.




  Carro 01 - Zamac

  Deora II



                                                           Imagens: www.hotwheels.com.

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